Diagnostic App Development

The origins or our business: developing mobile applications for diagnostic customers to help their users perform testing in the field.

Development Projects

A staged development process working closely with you to define:

  1. The problem(s) you are trying to solve: e.g. quantifying a test, reporting the result, reducing user error, increasing product sales.
  2. The reader configuration you require: test geometry, manufacturing tolerances, lot-to-lot variation, limit of detection, sensitivity, specificity, etc.
  3. Supporting product features, such as instructions for use, timers, login, and understanding the user journey right from how someone obtains a test kit and the app to where the result goes.
  4. The regulatory pathway and development cycle including the project cost and timeline.

Every project is unique and built to meet your needs and those of the end user whether that is a farmer in a field, a paramedic in ambulance or patient testing at home.

Our team based approach to development can often produce an app from a finished specification in as little as 8 weeks, or we can work together over a longer period with more experimental concept testing.

App Store Deployment

Whilst some of our customers are experienced mobile app producers many are not, and so as part of our service we can help you configure your Apple and Google Store accounts and deploy the apps to them both for closed beta testing and then production distribution.

Design History File

Every project we build results in a detailed, documented design history which is intended to dovetail into your technical files for regulatory submissions. The level of detail required in the file can be a significant driver of cost and time and therefore it is important to understand your regulatory requirements from the outset.

Support and maintenance

Having built an application it needs support. Operating systems are constantly changing and you need to respond to those changes, along with user feedback, emerging security threats etc. We will put in place a maintenance and license agreement for every project usually at the point it is published to the app stores. This will define a service level agreement and frequency of release.

Medical customers will want to include post market surveillance within the support arrangements..

Change Requests

It is inevitable that your product will evolve over time. Our strict change management process ensures that those changes are properly understood, documented and tested with each change request being treated like a small development project in its own right.