Novarum provides mobile technology that helps diagnostic test providers to enable everyone to manage health, wellbeing and the environment using the power of the camera on their phone.

Together we will help anyone, anywhere, anytime be able to run a test and understand the result.

Phone: +44 (0) 131 358 2767

Diagnostic App Development

The origins or our business: developing mobile applications for diagnostic customers to help thei...

Web Service Development

The value of the mobile solution is often from the insight the data brings. Whether its understa...


Our cross functional team combine everything you need to produce a mobile diagnostic app from the...

User centred design logo

User centred design

We design apps to suit your specific workflow, thinking about how your user will use your assay.
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Track record

We've been building mobile apps to read tests for over 10 years. Helping you get to market faster.
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Quality & Regulatory

We know you need regulatory compliant code, so work to ISO13485 and IEC62304 from the start.