Web Service Development

The value of the mobile solution is often from the insight the data brings. Whether its understanding who’s using the test, where they are, or the actual result we can help you capture and utility this data.

Development Projects

Whilst we do occasionally build mobile applications which have no data connection, most have some sort of user login, result reporting and configurations.

Just as with the mobile app aspects of the development we will undergo a systematic approach to web service development:

  1. The problem(s) you are trying to solve: e.g. controlling the app functionality, restricting user access, reporting the result, understanding user behaviour etc.
  2. The way that users will get accounts: through existing single sign on or corporate identity servers, through self service sign up, or through corporate or healthcare provider invitations.
  3. Data segregation and access arrangements: who else (if anyone) is permitted to see your data.
  4. API endpoints - what functions are required and which clients (mobile app, web app, 3rd parties) requires access, and using which standards e.g. JSON/REST or HL7/FHIR.

Every project is unique and the first step in every data project should be a data protection impact assessment.

Our team have experience working within the privacy requirements commonly found in both the EU and USA, but for global projects consideration may need to be given to segregation of data by region to protect data sovereignty, particularly for medical applications.


Whilst we are happy to work with clients who already have data infrastructure the majority of our projects require us to build and then host some of the data. Our usual preferred solution is to host in AWS to maximise robustness.

Design History File

Every project we build results in a detailed, documented design history which is intended to dovetail into your technical files for regulatory submissions. The level of detail required in the file can be a significant driver of cost and time and therefore it is important to understand your regulatory requirements from the outset.

Support and maintenance

Having built an application it needs support. On the web emerging security threats are a particular concern. We will put in place a maintenance and license agreement for every project usually at the point it is published to the app stores. This will define a service level agreement and frequency of release.

Change Requests

It is inevitable that your product will evolve over time. Our strict change management process ensures that those changes are properly understood, documented and tested with each change request being treated like a small development project in its own right.